John Cade

My philosophy in real estate is much like my computer programming. You can’t assume anything. The devil is in the details. This works to the benefit of both buyers and sellers. The sellers want to know that what they are presenting is correct and the buyers want to know that the information they receive is correct also.

Salish Sea Real Estate John Cade

As strange as it seems, I get asked many times if I live here on Salt Spring Island. Yes I do, full time. That being cleared up, I have lived here full time with my family since 1990. My parents bought in the 60’s and moved over in the 70’s and started building what is now Brinkworthy Retirement Park. I had to herd our escaped cows back to the property from Ganges a few times. I attended a boys boarding school on Vancouver Island, Brentwood College, and Salt Spring was my weekend and summer home in the late 60’s.

On Salt Spring I operated the Vesuvius Store for a few years, tripled the business and then sold it. I started a bus transit and charter company on Salt Spring and ran it at a big loss for many years. It is the predecessor to the now publicly funded transit service. I got my real estate license in the year 2000. Finally, the timing was right. My wife had been a Legal Assistant doing mostly property transactions for over 15 years so it was a good fit. She actually got her license and partnered with me for two years but couldn’t stand the concept of not always getting a paycheque on a regular basis and phone calls at all hours and went into banking. Real Estate sales on Salt Spring did a steady climb until around 2008-2009 when the market got soft. Another old cliché, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

John Cade

Real Estate Professional
Salt Spring Island, BC

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Taken from the current issue of the Salish Sea Real Estate magazine