Peter Allan

Peter is very pleased to announce that he is now offering his services as a licensed realtor for folks in the Gulf Islands and the Greater Victoria area. 

photo of Peter Allen with a sincere look in an orange shirt against blue background

Peter has been an islander for over 35 years and has 4 decades of experience investing in real estate. Peter is passionate about the life-enhancing aspects of property ownership in terms of its role in creating financial security and a legacy for our children. Of course, there are grounding and transformational features of owning one’s home and having a family nest to feather. 

This long-standing conviction and almost 40 years of experience investing in real estate has coaxed him out into the field-to connect people to place. Your place. Reach out to Peter for a comprehensive analysis of valuations and opportunities in this changing market.

Peter Allan

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Taken from the current issue of the Salish Sea Real Estate magazine